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Minors Scrimmage - 1 Oct 2022 - Cancelled
by posted 10/01/2022

Good morning folks.

Due to the weather, I am cancelling the scrimmage today (1 Oct 2022).

Coach Matt

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HYRB Updates - Minors - 28 Sept 2022
by posted 09/28/2022

Good day.

A few things.

  1. Everyone should have received a notification of our gameday field change for 1 Oct 2022.  Instead of Alabama Drive Park, we are scheduled to play our game at Haley Smith Park.  This is not a permanent change but a request for a venue change for 1 Oct 2022 only. 
  2. The weather does not look promising this Saturday.  Based on the projected impacts due to Hurricane Ian, we are forecasted to receive plenty of rain Saturday.  I will send a cancellation notice Friday night if the weather forecast does not improve.
  3. The weather impacts are to run through next Tuesday (4 Oct 2022) which would impact our practice on Monday.  I will send a cancellation notice Sunday night or Monday morning if the weather forecast does not improve. 
  4. I am tracking positions played, in particular Pitcher and Catcher.  Every player will have a chance the play those positions.  However, keep in mind we are playing 4 or 5 innings a game.  That reduces the number of players that can cycle through those positions.  Therefore, if your child played that position in a previous game, it might be a few iterations before they play those positions again in a scrimmage/game.

Coach Matt

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DoubleHeader – 24 Sept 2022
by posted 09/23/2022

Good day.

Just a reminder about tomorrow.  It is a doubleheader.  Two teams will travel from our sister league in Alexandria (Pioneers) to play against us in Herndon.  We will play at our field at Alabama.  I wanted to cover a few things.

  1. We have two time slots.  The first game is at 11:30am.  We ask players arrive around 11:00am to warm up.  The second game is at 2:00pm.  That means arriving at around 1:30pm to warm-up.


       I will be the main coach at the 11:30am game.  Coach Allan will oversee the 2nd game. 


  1. Just to confirm, the list below indicates what team you are on.  Pretty much… if you have a RED shirt, you are playing at the 11:30am time slot.  For those with BLUE shirts, you will play at the 2pm time slot.  (For our next doubleheader on 22 Oct 2022 it will be the opposite.)  Below is the team roster.


Abdel Okhowa, Saif

Bliudzius, Mason

Carman, Jackson

Cohen, Amar

Culbreath, Callen

Graham, Avery

King, James

Lamoureux, Clark

Leaser, Ethan

Norman, Andrew

Wade, Braxton



Ament, Ryan

Anderson, Luke

Dorsey, Devin

Kassar, Elias

Burns, Mack

Danatzko, Ryan

Friedman, Max

Gaines, Devan

Green, Jonah

May, Quinlan

McCullough, Leland

Rodriguez, Liam


  1. The uniform is baseball pants (grey), cleats (no metal), issued baseball cap, and issued baseball shirt.  I know some kids don’t like to wear their protective support cups.  But players should be prepared to play any position.  Jewelry is prohibited is except medical and religious bracelets or necklaces. 


     For those that pitch, they are not permitted to wear “white” on their forearms or wrists (i.e.: long sleeve shirts or wristbands).  Keep that in mind       as the weather is supposed to be around 62degrees at 11am and get hotter from there.  All kids should be prepared to pitch.


  1. Pizza.  The HRYB League will provide pizzas for players after the 11:30am and 2:00pm game.  Pizzas will also be given to the visiting teams. There are no drinks so if your child wants anything other than water the bring to the game then I will leave it up to you.  I have a person that will pick up pizza at 1:00pm at the Dominoes on Elden Street. I will need a volunteer to help pick up the pizzas at Dominoes on Elden Street for the teams playing at 2:00pm.  Pickup is at 3:30pm. 


  1. Assistance.  I will need assistance from the parents to help run the game.  If there is a change or you can help, please let me know.  This is what I see as the current Parent Roster:


  1. 11:30am Game
    1. Coach – Coach Matt
    2. Assistant Coach – Coach Josh
    3. Pitch Counter – Mark
    4. Dugout Coordinator – TBD
    5. Field Setup – If we can get 2 parents to also help set up the field (i.e.: rake, drag field, line) that would be great.  
  2. 2:00pm Game
    1. Coach – Coach Allan
    2. Assistant Coach – Coach Will
    3. Pitch Counter – TBD
    4. Dugout Coordinator – TBD
    5. Field Setup – If we can get 2 parents to also help set up the field.  This should be quick as the lines are already be set.  We just need to rake/drag the field. 
    6. Pizza Pickup Volunteer – TBD



Coach Matt

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Random Information and First Game Info - 17 Sept 2022
by posted 09/16/2022

Good day.

A few things.

  1. The first scrimmage is this Saturday, 9/17/22.  Game starts at 12:30pm.  The ask then is for players to be onsite at 12:00pm to warm up.  We want to promptly start at 12:30pm.  There is NO doubleheader.  Just one scrimmage.
  2. I will not be able to attend the game.  Coach Allan is in charge.  I also am tracking the following assistance from the parents below.  If there is a change or if you can help, please let us know. 
    1. Assistant Coach – Coach Will
    2. Assistant Coach – Coach Josh
    3. Pitch Counter – Mark
    4. Dugout Coordinator – TBD
    5. Dugout Coordinator – TBD     
    6. Field Setup – If we can get 2 parents to also help set up the field (i.e.: rake, drag field, line) that would be great.  
  3. A player left their hat at practice today.  I have it.  However, for the game they will be without it since I will not be there.
  4. I had a few parents ask me to add a different email to the notifications, etc.  I cannot.  Instead, what you will need to do is log into the HRYB webpage, go to “MyAccount”, and select “Add Guardian”.  At that point, add the person’s information as well as email address you want included. 
  5. Doubleheaders.  Reminder that our doubleheaders are on 9/24/22 and 10/22/22.  If you child has a RED shirt, they will play at 11:30am on 9/24/22.  That means showing up at 11:00am to warm up.  If your child has a BLUE shirt, they will play at 2:00pm.  That mans showing up at 1:30pm to start warming up.  For the doubleheader on 10/22/22, it is the opposite.  RED shirt will play at 2:00pm whereas those will BLUE shirts will be in the 11:30am game.    


Coach Matt

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Wrong Glove
by posted 09/16/2022



Good day.  One of the parents advised me that their child has someone else's glove.  Can you please check your child's glove and confirm their have their glove.  Your child might have a glove too big for them.  



Coach Matt

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Practice - 12 Sept 2022 - Canceled
by posted 09/12/2022

Good day.

The probability of us seeing rain during our practice today (9/12/22) has increased in the last 24hours.  Therefore, I am cancelling practice today.

Our next practice will be on Thursday (9/15/22) at Alabama from 5:30pm-7:00pm. 


Coach Matt   

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HRYB Minors - 11-17 Sept 2022
by posted 09/10/2022

Good day.

Monday will be our first “Monday” practice.  Practice is at Alabama Drive Park. Practice time is from 5:30pm to 7:00pm.  We then have our normal Thursday practice on 9/15/22 at the same time and location.  For the next two practices, please have them wear their protective supporter cup as the intent is to have players practice that position, to include getting balls pitched to them.  (NOTE:  the HRYB website/schedule indicate practice time from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.  Practice will end on/about 7:00pm and NOT 7:30pm.  This is for all practices.)

Moreover, our first scrimmage is next Saturday (9/17/22).  Please let me or Coach Allan know by Thursday practice whether your child will be at the scrimmage or not.  This way it gives us a better idea on how to create the “teams”. 

The scrimmage/game starts at 12:30pm.  (NOTE: This is a change from what I verbally advised parents at the field.  The calendar on the HRYB website is correct, along with the text messages you receive).   Therefore, we ask players arrive at 12:00pm so players can warm up and be ready to start play promptly at 12:30pm.   Just so you are aware, a regulation game is normally 6 innings.  However, the game will be no more than 2hrs. 

The two exceptions will be on 9/24/22 and 10/22/22 when we play our sister league (Pioneer Youth Baseball).  We will make sure to tell you in advance whether to be at the 11:30am or 2:00pm game.  Again, if you have the 11:30am game, the request is for players to be onsite by 11:00am so they can warm up and be ready to start promptly at 11:30am.  For those slotted for the 2:00pm game, the ask is for players to be onsite by 1:30pm.   

For scrimmages, all players will need to show up wearing a protective supporter cup.  This will allow coaches to rotate players easily into the Catcher position.  Uniform will be the issued jersey, issued ball cap, baseball pants (grey) and cleats (no metal).  I need confirm one thing regarding the jersey.  I expect to pass them out on Monday pending my conversation with the commissioner. 

Coach Allan and I greatly appreciate all of the parents and those who have helped at practice run a station thus far.  That is exactly the type of help we need in order to make this successful.  For scrimmages Coach Allan and I will be on opposing teams.  Coach Josh (SP?) and Coach Will (SP?) stepped up to help be the “assistants” at games (or I at least volunteered them 😊 , thank you).  A few more things:

  • We will still need a parent to step up that day to help manage the dugout and ensure batters are lined up accordingly. 
  • I need a parent on each “team” to be a PITCH counter.  Kids can throw no more than 50 pitches or two innings, whichever comes first.  There are two reasons for this.  The first is for the kid’s safety by preventing overuse injury to the shoulder and elbow.  The other reason is to get more kids experience at pitching.  As a pitcher gets close to 50, the counter needs to advise the coach so we can rotate pitchers in/out. 
  • I will not be present at the first scrimmage due to a pre-existing conflict.  If a third “assistant” could step up to coach on 9/17/22 that would be great. 

Coach Matt  

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by posted 09/10/2022

One reminder to parents.  Helmets must have a full cage protection mask on it (no ‘C-Flap).  When we start pitching to batters kids, whether at practice or a scrimmage, will be required to wear a helmet with a full cage protection mask. 


Coach Matt

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Practice - 10 Sept 2022 - 12pm-2pm
by posted 09/09/2022

Good day. 

This is a reminder that our “game” tomorrow (9/10/22) is not a game, but practice.  Please note the time will be from 12:00pm to 2:00pm.  I asked that the scheduler adjust the notices as well as the calendar to reflect this time going forward every Saturday.  The two exceptions will be 24 Sept and22 Oct when we have the double hitters.  We will practice at Alabama Park Drive. 

Jersey’s.  The plan is to issue two (2) jerseys to each kid and one hat.  So, for each game, when we do have them, plan to bring both jerseys.  This way as we create teams they will have the appropriate color shirt for whichever team they are with. 


Coach Matt

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First Practice - 8 Sept 2022
by posted 09/06/2022

Good day. 

This is a reminder that our first practice is on Thursday, 9/8/22, at 5:30pm.  Practice is expected to last until 7pm.  We will be on the field at Alabama Drive.

Fall season is typically a developmental/instructional time. Therefore, we will set up “stations” where kids can hone their skills.  We will look to set up as many stations as possible (i.e.:  6 stations) at each practice.  This is where I will need help to run some of the stations and may need between 4-6 parents to potentially help.  We have 27 kids now signed up for the Minors and all on this team.

Games will also be slightly different from what folks might be used to.  For now, the plan is to create 2 teams prior to the game.  The roster will vary.  Based on time constraints on how long a game can go (2hrs) and the number of players, there might be scenarios in which a player does not get a chance at bat.  If that is the case, then those that did not bat in a previous game will be placed on the top of the line-up. 


Coach Matt

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Welcome to HRYB Minors
by posted 08/28/2022

Good day.  My name is Matt King and I’ll be managing your child’s baseball team this fall along with Coach Allan McCullough in the Minors.  We both have sons who played last season in the Machine/Farm League.

This will be an interesting and slightly different season as compared to previous seasons for some folks.  There are 25 players signed up, of which, Coach Allan and I will manage the entire team.  We will have two days of practice during the week.  Parent involvement will be instrumental as we set up practice stations throughout the field in order for the players to hone their skills.  I am told the field at Alabama has lights which will help as daylight diminishes.  The pertinent information is below:

Location:  Alabama Drive Park (This will be for every practice)

Practice Days:  Monday and Thursday

Time:  5:30pm-7:00pm

1st Practice: 8 Sept 2022


On Saturday we will create two teams (12 vs. 13) and have a scrimmage.  Our first game is technically 10 Sept 2022 but based on our first practice (8 Sept) we might have a game or make it another day of practice.  Players should show up at least 30minutes prior in order to warm up.  As I mentioned, there are only two coaches.  Therefore, we will need help from parents setting up the game field, managing the dugout, etc.  Game day information is below:

Location:  Alabama Drive Park (This will be for every game)

Game Start Time:  12:00pm

1st Game: 10 Sept 2022

Last Game: 29 Oct 2022


We also have the pleasure of playing a sister league, the Pioneer Youth Baseball, for two of those Saturdays.  They will come to Herndon to play.  These are double hitters, so two matches that day.  More to follow on the exact information as to whether the entire team will play both events or whether we create two teams (12/13) and have one team play at 11:30am and the other at 2:00pm.   

Location:  Alabama Drive Park (This will be for every game)

Game Start Time:  11:30am & 2:00pm

First Game: 24 Sept 2022

Second Game:  22 Oct 2022


Info to Know: 

Equipment – We have league equipment to share.  Helmets, Bats and Catchers gear. At a minimum – players need their own regular fielding glove.  If your child has their own bats/helmets – please remember that the bats must be USABats and the Helmets must have a full cage protection mask on it (no ‘C-Flap).   If you don’t have a bat, but are looking to buy one, please remember that they are a lot like shoes – they have to fit.  If the bat is too big or too small, it won’t be effective – and bigger can be worse if they lack the strength to control it.  A bat that is about hip-high is right. Don’t buy a bat to ‘grow in to’

Uniform – TBD on the jerseys and hats.  But you need to provide baseball pants (grey) and cleats (no Metal).  And please have your child wear baseball pants TO PRACTICE. 

Practice Plans – Generally, we’ll do team warmups and throwing at the beginning, break-up into stations for a while, and then come back together for in-game style work or a fun competition based on baseball skills.  We’ll do our best to accommodate the weather and not exceed 90min (7pm) on our practice nights. 

Game plans – We use a constant rotating batting order – which means EVERYONE is in the lineup.  We will mix and match positions as much as possible. 

Volunteers – I am sure families have preexisting conflicts and will not be able to attend every practice and game.  The same apply to Allan and I but we will coordinate coverage.  Moreover, we will need all of your help.  Here’s a few additional roles that we will need help with: 

  1. Additional Assistant Coaches – During our scrimmages we will need 4 additional adults to help on the field, whether that be a base coach, etc.
  2. Dugout Coordinator – To help manage the kids on the bench while we’re batting – VERY IMPORTANT and DOES NOT require ‘baseball’ experience.
  3. Practice Coaches – As stated above we will need help running the drills at the various stations we try to set up.   

If anyone has any questions on anything, anytime – just email  or text 254-319-2826.  Introduce yourself with the first text so I know who you are.  And I’m looking forward to meeting everyone next week.



Coach Matt

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