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Welcome to Herndon Reston Youth Baseball!

We are a proud league in the Cal Ripken Baseball Organization committed to our kids, our communities and promoting a love of the game. We welcome ALL players with or without experience who desire to have fun and develop skills.

All league ages are determined by the players' age as of April 30, 2023 and we welcome boys and girls between the ages of 3-12 years old.

Drafted Leagues

DRAFT Save the Date: February 19th, 2023 at C5T Elite Training in Chantilly (time TBD). Team placement will be based on the player evaluations of children 8-12 years old.

Gear Requirements: Baseball glove, baseball pants, cleats if possible. The league provides helmets and bats.

(One practice, one weekday game and one Saturday game)

The majors are geared for players who can properly apply fielding, throwing, and hitting fundamentals most of the time. Development focuses on more advanced base running, pitching, and situational skills. Unique to Cal Ripken, our upper tier for our most experienced players introduces 70-foot base paths and a 50-foot pitching distance.


The benefits:

  • A smoother transition to the larger 90-foot field
  • Runners are allowed to lead off
  • Stealing is permitted
  • Pitchers get to work on "pitching from the stretch"-- a technique to shorten the pitching motion to give base runners less time to steal a base
  • Catchers gain experience on throwing runners out at bases
  • Fielders are exposed to constant changing circumstances as runners change positions

(one practice, one weekday game and one Saturday game)

The minors are geared for players who can demonstrate fundamental throwing, fielding, and hitting skills, but are still learning to apply them at game speed. Player pitching is introduced, and players begin to adapt to hitting pitched balls. Coach pitching augments youth pitching to keep games moving.

Non-Drafted Leagues
Teams formed around neighborhoods where possible.

Machine Pitch
(one practice, one weekday game and one Saturday game)

A player’s first experience with an umpire. Machine pitch serves as a transition from coach pitch to more complete baseball skills. Players gain confidence in the batter’s box through a consistent pitching machine. As one of our best offerings, we recommend players spend 2-3 seasons in Machine Pitch depending on skill level.

Coach Pitch
(one practice and one Saturday game)

For players who demonstrate all of the tee ball skills. Coaches serve as the pitcher for all innings using a soft leather ball. Focus shifts to the whole game, including defense and making outs.

Tee Ball
(one practice and one Saturday game)

Players hit from a tee, and begin to learn the fundamentals of hitting, throwing and catching. Focus is on enjoyment of the game.

(one hour on Saturdays, 30 min practice followed by 30 min game)

A Guardian-and-Me experience and a great introduction to baseball for 3-4 year olds. The field consists of a home plate and one base. Players learn to hit the ball and run to first base.

Buddy Ball
(one hour on Sunday mornings)

Buddy Ball pairs players with disabilities and a high school buddy to have fun, build confidence and self-esteem, and learn sportsmanship and love of the game.