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Herndon Hawks SELECT Program
(8U-12U travel programs for higher level athletes in each age group.)  

HRYB Tournament Team

The tournament team is an early summer team focused on representing HRYB in the Cal Ripken Tournament Trail.  An additional registration fee and participation in spring HRYB house ball is required.

Each Select Team will hold a spring tryout for the Tournament Team (April/May).


HRYB Travel Team

The travel team is a competitive baseball team playing multiple games each week, with travel outside of our local geography. Teams will practice one or two times per week, and play in scrimmages, doubleheaders, and tournaments at the manager's discretion. The travel team will require a greater time commitment and registration fees will be assessed each calendar season.

Each Select Team will hold a summer tryout for travel teams (July/August).

Questions regarding a specific team may be addressed to the respective Select managers listed below:

Select Program Commissioner:  James Juran (james@juranfamily.org)

12U Hawks: Brian Russo (bdrusso@verizon.net)

11U Hawks: Chad Collie (chadcollie@gmail.com)

10U Hawks: Jeff Sevila (jsevila@prodigy.net)

8U Hawks: David Kipper (davidrkipper@gmail.com)

Official League Policies and Procedures

Babe Ruth Leagues of Virginia, Inc. sets the detailed tournament dates and other schedule information.

Select managers are selected by the Board and serve a two (2) year term.

League managers and coaches evaluate the players.

For all invitational tournaments and scrimmages, league policy mandates 50% playing time rule. This means that all players must play a minimum of 50% of all innings played. There are no maximum playing time restrictions.

For all Cal Ripken district, state, and regional tournaments, there are no minimum playing time restrictions. Select managers are free to use players according to Cal Ripken division rules and restrictions.

Managers are not required to "rotate" players to different positions in the Select programs.