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League Rules

Hey it wouldn't be baseball if we didn't have rules! The following links contain the official rules that govern play for all of our leagues from T-Ball thru the Major Leagues. Click on the link below to download the rules. You may save the rules to your local hard disk or print them from your web browser.

All team managers are responsible for ensuring that they know and play all games according to our House League Rules.

  Major, Minor, Rookie League House Rules (revised March 2012) - CURRENT RULES
  Pitch Count Log
  Major, Minor, Rookie League House Rules  (revised March 2011) - OLD DO NOT USE - For comparison only.
  Machine Pitch League Rules
  Coach Pitch League Rules
  T-Ball League Rules
  Babe Ruth Memo on 2011 Moratorium on Composite Bats
  2011 Approved Non-Wood Bats