50/70 Baseball Herndon, 46/65 Baseball Herndon, Cal Ripken Herndon, 50/70 Baseball Fairfax County, 46/65 Baseball Fairfax County


Cost: $475 - 8 team limit

Age Group:  12 and under


  • 3 games guaranteed of pool play, 8 team tournament limit 
  • Top two teams from pool play advance to four-team Single-Elimination bracket on Sunday
  • Professional public address announcement and player introductions

Fields: Newly Renovated Haley Smith and Bready Parks in Herndon, Virginia (near Dulles Airport)

Aluminum Bats, 50’ Pitchers Mound, 70’ Bases        

Awards: Championship and Runner Up trophies    

Game times and brackets will be available after 5:00 PM on Wednesday, June 19th    

Checks payable to: HOYB

To register your team via our website, click here.                                                    

Point of Contact: Ian Jones, 


More Information:
2013 KING OF DIAMONDS 50-70 

  • ELIGIBILITY: 2010 USSSA Baseball National By-Laws and Rules. See http://www.usssabaseball.org/documents/BylawsRules_Jan1_2010.pdfAll players must have proof of age (copy of birth certificate). Inability to prove age results in ineligibility of that player

  • ROSTERS: Rosters are due to Tournament Director at check-in. Team managers must bring copies of birth certificates, to be verified at check-in, and sign a form verifying insurance.

  • RULE BOOK: Babe Ruth League, Inc. Baseball Rules and Regulations and Official Playing Rules

  • REFUND POLICY: Full refund will be given up to teams who notify tournament director of withdrawal by June 1, 2012. After June 1, 2012, a refund less $100 administrative fee will be issued.

  • PLAYING TIME AND LINEUP: There will be 9 defensive players. All players on roster may bat. Playing time is at the discretion of team manager.

  • HOME TEAM: Home team is determined by coin flip during pool play. Seeded single elimination play, home team is the higher seed. If time allows, each team can have 5 minutes of infield practice before game begins.

  • TIME LIMIT: 6 innings or 1 hour and 45 minutes, except for championship game or tie games. (New inning may not start after 1 hr. and 45minutes). In the event of rain, 4 innings will constitute a complete game or 3 ½ if home team winning.

  • RUN RULE: No per inning run limit. Mercy rule applies to a team leading by 12 or more runs after 4 complete innings, or 10 or more runs after 5 innings of play (or 3 ½ innings if home team is leading).

  • RE_ENTRY RULE; A starting player may withdraw and re-enter once, provided said player occupies the same batting position. A substitute who is withdrawn may not re-enter unless an injury occurs. The injured player, once removed from the game, can not re-enter.

  • PITCHING RULES: 2010 USSSA Baseball National By-Laws and Rules. See http://www.usssabaseball.org/documents/BylawsRules_Jan1_2010.pdf

  • PRE-GAME MEETING: The Pre-Game meeting shall be conducted 10-minutes prior to the scheduled game time; “Managers” are required to attend. Line-Up Cards shall be reviewed and approved by the Plate Umpire. NO changes to the batting order are allowed after approval, any team members (“substitutes”) not listed on the card are considered ineligible. NO addition of “substitutes” to the card shall be allowed after the first pitch of the game.

  • COURTESY RUNNERS: Courtesy runners may be used for the pitcher and catcher at any time.

  • BASEBALLS: Tournament host will provide 2 new balls before the start of each game.

  • MALICIOUS CONTACT: Will result in the player being called out and ejected from the game. No head first slides allowed, except when diving back to the base. Umpire’s decisions are final. Any coach arguing malicious contact will be ejected. Safety first!

  • SEEDING: Seeding into single-elimination brackets will be based on record during pool play (Win = 2 points, Loss = 0 points, Tie = 1 point). Ties will be broken in the following manner: (1) Least runs allowed; (2) Most runs scored; (3) Head-to-head, if applicable; (4) Coin flip.